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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the unit be fitted to any make of vehicle?

    Yes, it can be installed in all brands like Daihatsu, Honda, Hyundai, Suzuki, and Toyota; even in the latest electronically configured vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes, etc.
  • Can any one other than my self activate the unit?

    Yes. Activations can be requested by any person that has declared to MATRIX® as an “Authorized Activator”.
  • Can I test the unit?

    The unit can be tested at the time of installation. However, it is mandatory that the customer must test his/her vehicle at least once a year. For more information on testing, please contact our Customer Care Department.
  • How difficult is to remove & deactivate the unit?

    Since the unit the concealed with in the fabric of the vehicle, it is extremely difficult to remove without- knowledge of its exact location. The unit can only be deactivated by the Matrix Control Centre, utilizing the highly secure Codes.
  • Where is the unit fitted to my vehicle?

    The tracker unit is fitted into one of numerous places in your vehicle that have been identified with our technicians themselves. For security reason the unit and its location is not disclosed even to the vehicle owner.
  • What do I do when I realize that my vehicle has been stolen?

    If God for bidden your vehicle has been stolen, you should immediately contact the Matrix® Control Room Centre. After contacting the MCR, you should report the theft to the Police.
  • Can a Matrix® Tracker Unit be transferred from one vehicle to another?

    You have number of options, In case if you are selling your vehicle you can sell it with the unit and the annual payment will be paid by the new owner. Alternatively, you can let the unit be de-installed from your old vehicle and have it re-installed in your new vehicle. A charge will be levied for this service. Call Matrix® Customer Support on 021-4300116-121.
  • What happens if the vehicle battery is disconnected?

    The battery disconnected is a very serious matter for us, in such case the vehicle Sends the red alert signal to the control room, so MCR contacts you accordingly. Therefore, it is advised you to please pre-inform, whenever your car is send to the work shop or change of battery
  • Will the installation requires permanent alterations to the vehicle?

    Neither the installation requires any alterations nor does it damage the body of the vehicle.
  • What is the Matrix Vigilant Theft Recovery Service?

    Only tracking and get the location(s) of your vehicle is not enough, it requires security network which assures safety of our valued customers as well as their vehicles. Matrix® has its own licensed security Company having dedicated theft recovery fleets equipped with arms and integrated wireless communication facility to ensure recovery of your vehicle(s) within shortest span of time.
  • What happens if I change my vehicle registration number to a Personalized plate?

    It is essential to immediately inform Customer Service Department of any changes / addition to your vehicle or personal identification / details.
  • What is a Geo fence?

    A geo fence (No-Go area) is a virtual boundary. When ever you cross the GEO -Fence boundary your engine might be disabled, so it is advised you to please inform prior to cross the city.
  • what will happen if I Convert my vehicle to CNG?

    If the tracker is installed in your petrol vehicle, and you intent to convert it on CNG. It is mandatory to bring your vehicle at your earliest for necessary amendments. Otherwise we will not be able to kill your engine in case of emergency situations, such as snatching, theft etc.
  • Can I get my vehicle movement history

    Gold and Optima members are eligible to get their vehicle movement history which is stored in our database for the period of one week. At any point in time you can ask MCR to provide you details of your choice regarding your vehicle within the time period. This way you can verify the driving pattern of your driver, his average speeds, idling cases, speed violation etc.